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Rudong Xinyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Located the triangle province of Jiangsu,such as Rudong County, of the gold of Yangtze River inshore, the east faces Yangkou harbor of beautiful and rich, the west Xingchang railroad and rather, follow the sea superhighway, the south connects Sutong bridge of the biggest bridge in Yangtt:e River, the Shanghai is about two hours, car distance, be apart from 40 kilometers of an airport, sea, six, empty the transportation is very convenient.

  The company was established in 2003, is the Chinese petroleum natural gas group company to drill to adopt the accessories a the class supply network member and the Chinese petrochemical supplies resources market member's unit Many in the last years, the company follow take science and technology as to lead first, it is vital that talented person is a root, quantity of business enterprise policy, carryon the technique upgrade continuously, have already develop to become petroleum that gathers the machine design and processes the manufacturing and sells the service, export trade as integral whole's drill to adopt the machine profession to turn the company now. Passed 9001 quantity system arguments of the Chinese ship class. agency quantity attestation company in 1999, acquired the province of Jiangsu" the quantity canned believe the product" title in 2004, the kept promise the class business enterprise for the heavy contract in 2007, and applied for the American petroleum academic association attestation. The company produces the equipments now well-found, the technique power is strong, the examination means is complete and produces the work craft forerunner, product quality controLThe predominant product have Series Dill Power tongs,Series Casing Tongs,Series Oil Pipe Power Tongs,Series Cat Darvit,Series Hydraulic Power Station and Series Dies etc.

  Our company stricks to surviving with products quality,developing with designing new goods,we decrease the consuming for more profits,take "Credits widen markets" as our business belief,our always aim is to content customers,with Top-Grade products and services.We are struggling for the brilliant futire of the Oil Industry!